Interview with Jude Deveraux

Isolde: Tell us a little bit about the new edition of "A Knight in Shining Armor". I was told it has a new ending, is that true?

Jude Deveraux: No, I didn't put a new ending on the book. I don't know where that  rumor started. What I did was write a few pages telling how I came to write the book and the motivation behind the plot.

Isolde: Will you write another historical romance in the future, maybe a medieval? Some of your fans are still waiting for some nice, muscled knight again.

Jude Deveraux: Right now I am beginning to research a time travel that has a tenth century knight in it, but the book won't be like what I've written before. I don't want to say anymore about it as it is still in the very early stages of planning.

Isolde: Where do you get the ideas for new books from?

Jude Deveraux: I get my ideas from whatever I'm doing or thinking about at the moment.  I recently bought a house in Italy and that has influenced my writing.

Isolde: Which of the families in your romances (Taggerts, Montgomerys etc) is your favourite and why?

Jude Deveraux: The men in the families are very different so it's difficult to choose. I think I'd want to have an affair with a Montgomery but marry a Taggert.

Isolde: Which qualities do you think are important in a romance hero?

Jude Deveraux: I want him to be honest, loyal, and have a great sense of humor.  If a man makes you laugh, you can put up with a lot from him.

Isolde: Did the birth of your son change your way of writing?

Jude Deveraux: The birth of my son changed every part of my life, including my writing. I find that now I'm not so interested in the events that happen between a man and woman. Now I want to know more about the character of a man, because now whether or not he would be a good father is of utmost importance.

Isolde: Do you plan to have an own webside? How can fans reach you?

Jude Deveraux: It's funny that you should ask me this question because just this morning I was emailing a woman about having my own website.  I think it will be fun. My hobby is taking photos of my son and I would like to post them on my web site.

Isolde: How does it feel to be one of the most famous romance writers?

Jude Deveraux: Exhausting.  Now I have such a reputation to live up to!!  It's very difficult. And writing is more difficult now, too. I'll think of a plot or even a scene, then I think, No, I can't do that, I did that in so and so book.

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Dieses Interview entstand im Dezember 2001 zwischen Isolde W. und Jude Deveraux für:

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