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Kat Martin belongs to the most popular authors of romance books and her books are MUST reads. Nearly every romance reader knows at least one of her books. She also wrote some paranormal/suspense books. Unfortunately only her historical romances are published in Germany but we hope that this will change.

Please visit her website at for her new releases and booklists.

Angela: Could you tell us something about yourself? What you like/dislike, where you live, your family etc.?

Kat Martin: I currently live in Missoula, Montana with my husband and my cat. Larry has four sons, two of which live nearby. They are major hunks, like the guys in the books! We have a small (25 acres) ranch surrounded by other ranches and 2,000,000 acres of forest.  In the winter we snowmobile and ski. In summer, we river raft.  I'm currently trying to learn how to play golf! Most of the time, I am busy writing, a major, full-time job. I also travel to promote my books!

Angela: I heard that you worked as a real estate broker before you started to write? When, why and how did you decide to quit your job and to write? Was writing always a dream for you? And did you expect at that time that you will become such a famous author?

Kat Martin: I loved being in real estate. It was one of the best times of my life. In 1985 my husband (also in real estate at the time) made a very large deal and we took the money and used it as a way to change careers.  Neither of us had thought about writing, especially not me. But I helped him with a book and fell in love with it. I felt as if I had found my true calling.

Angela: Does your husband contribute to your books and vice versa? Was the fact that you are married to an author of advantage for you or for him?

Kat Martin: As I said, we were both in real estate when we started to write. The big advantage is in sharing common friends and a love of the business. He has helped me a great deal in marketing.  He does my web page, for instance:

Angela: You seem to have some preferences: Regencies and the American South and West. Is that true? You also wrote sequels. Do you belong to those authors that don't want to leave their hero/heroine after the end of a book?

Kat Marin: I definitely hate to leave my hero and heroine at the end of a book! I love writing Regencies. I'd like to do a few more books set in the South and of course I love cowboys, so would love to do another western. Since my readers seem to prefer the Regency period, I'm thinking of doing some western anthologies.  We will see....

Angela: What time period do you enjoy most to write about and how do you research for it?

Kat Martin: Regency is my favorite, though I also love Medieval.  Bold Angel continues to be a favorite of readers and would like to do another set in that time frame. Some books require more research than others. Medieval and of course Regencies. I'm beginning to get a feel for that particular period, though some story lines still require some digging. Silk and Steel had a great deal to do with the medical field in the late 1700's. I researched a great deal for that.

Angela: With your books "The Dream" and "The Silent Rose" you explored a new field for you that became very popular within the last years: paranormals, mystery and mainstream suspense books. Did you enjoy to write them? Will you write more books like TD and TSR? Can you tell us more about them and do you know if they will be published in Germany?

Kat Marin: At present, I don't believe either of those books will be published in Germany, though I would certainly like for that to happen. In the spring of next year, my third of those will be out, as yet untitled, about a woman who is accidently shot in a drive by shooting and has a near death experience. It's a murder mystery, set in Montana with a great hero--a rancher named Chance McLain.

Angela: Do you think that paranormals and suspense books are only a temporary trend? Why do you think more and more readers tend to read paranormal books and why e.g. vampires and time travels are so popular?

Kat Martin: I think those books are popular because they have interesting plots. I think I'll be doing a straight suspense for my fourth contemporary. But it will have a lot of action and adventure and I hope a good hero and heroine. I think readers are always looking for something a little different, thus vampires and time travels. Personally, I like any book that has a good plot and interesting characters

Angela: When I saw the name of the heroine of "Silk and Steel" I had to smile because her name is Kathryn Grayson. Has she anything to do or in common with the famous Hollywood singer/actress?

Kat Martin: No. Unfortunately, I didn't know there was such a person until I had written the book!  I'm very movie, hollywood oriented so I'm surprised I didn't recognize the name.

Angela: Will you write more medevials like "Bold Angel"?

Kat Martins: As I said, I'd love to do another Medieval.  I'd like to write Gareth's story, or another that I've got in mind, but it won't happen any time soon.

Angela: You are also very successful in Germany for about 8 years now. Do you have any contacts to German fans? In which other countries your books are published? Do you sometimes hear from foreign fans? How do you stay in contact with all your fans? Do you attend booksignings etc.?

Kat Martin: I get some very nice letters from fans in Germany.  I haven't been there yet, but would love to go and am hoping to in the not too distant future. I'm also published in China, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Argentina, Bulgaria, Korea, and Greece. I am in the process of making a deal with Germany for Night Secrets, Silk and Steel, and Perfect Sin, my next historical due out in the US October 1st. I have a nice fan mail list. My website allows people to register so that I can drop them a note when my new books are out (unfortunately it hasn't been working for nearly a month!  Hope to have it up and running soon.)

Angela: Rob Moratti, one of the participants of the Mr. Romance-competition at the 1999 RT Convention posed as Earl of Hawksmore from your book "Night Secrets" and he won two prices! Did this make you particularly proud? Have you known Rob before and did you know about his plans to pose as Marcus? Do authors know in advance which heros will be portrayed by the models?

Kat Martin: I met Rob for the first time the night of the contest, so it was a nice surprise to have him pose as Marcus.  I think he made a very good one! He was a terrific guy and a real gentlemen, and of course, wonderful to look at!

Angela: Will you attend the RT Convention in November in Houston and do you have any tips for newcomers?

Kat Martin: I'll definitely be attending the RT convention in Houston!  Really look forward to being there each year. Best tip for newcomers, say hello to authors, they love to hear from you. Just relax and have fun. Everyone is friendly there because they love to read books!

Angela: Do you think that there were role changes between heroine and hero within the last years? We had the powerful "alpha heros" of the 80s and the "beta-heros" of the 90s. Do you think the new millenium might bring us a new kind of hero? What kind of hero do you prefer?

Kat Martin: I'm a sucker for the old fashioned Alpha hero, though he needs to be tempered with a bit of sensitivity.  No beta guys for me. I do think the heros have changed and will probably change again. I think women, however, will always want men to be men and hopefully that will not change.

Angela: As your books are very hot I would like to ask you if  you agree with the statement that women became more confident and open towards erotic matters? Would you say that the sex in romance books has become more graphic and the number of sex scenes has increased? Do you also think that women use their imagination via books while men prefer to look at pornographic pictures or watch porn movies?

Kat Martin: I've read that women are turned on by reading than watching a movie or something. I think it's true for me.  I don't think the books are more erotic or less so, I think there is simply more variety. I read some that have almost no sex and some that have the hottest sex ever. Actually, I like both kinds, as long as the story is good. And yes, women have definitely become more confident and open about erotic matters. I think this is very good for both sexes.

Angela: Now a very bold and nosey question...*g* Is it difficult to write love scenes?

Kat Martin: I love writing love scenes!  A lot of authors hate to write them. If I can get one really going, I see it as almost poetic. It doesn't always happen and wouldn't work for certain heros, but sometimes that's the way it works.  There is a scene in Night Secrets that felt that way to me when I wrote it. The difficult part is keeping the words fresh and the passion new and hot.

Angela: I often heard from critics that romance readers are not able to face reality and hide behind those books. I think that this is rubbish and I would like to know what you as an author of romance books think about this nonsense? Have you ever been criticised that you write romance books?

Kat Martin: Romance writers get a lot of criticism for writing the books they do. Critics are harsh and don't give us credit for being serious writers. I don't think readers hide in our stories any more than they do a mystery or anything else.

Angela: What kind of books and authors do you read? Do you prefer books like your own books? Do you get your ideas from reading or watching films? Or from life itself?

Kat Martin: I read mostly romance novels because I love them! I read both contemporary and historical, have my own favorite authors and also read a lot of new authors I hear about in the industry. I get ideas from books, tv, old films, and yet, life itself, stories in the newspaper, etc. I think all writers do.

Angela: Can you tell us more about your future plans? Do you know which of your books will be published in Germany?

Kat Martin: As I said, three new ones coming out in Germany. I hope to do one contemp and one historical a year from now on. I hope eventually, my contemps will be published in Germany. As I said, up next for me is Perfect Sin, then a new contemp.  If any of you will be in Houston, be sure to say hello. Have a wonderful summer. Best, Kat

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