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Danny: Lauren, could you introduce yourself to German readers? Who you are, your likes and dislikes, where you come from etc.

Lauren: I was born and have always lived in Southern California.  I am married with three children.  Likes and dislikes...hmm.  I love reading, rock music, and traveling, and I hate cilantro (coriander)!

Danny: Why and how did your career as an author start? Is your writing career of influence on your private life?

Lauren: I always wanted to write a book, but I had a different career first: I owned a chain of jewelry stores in shopping malls here in California.  After we sold those, I decided to stay home with my children...but it took me less than a week to realize I would go stark raving mad with nothing else to do!  That's when I remembered I'd intended to write a book someday.  My writing career definitely influences my private life--and vice versa.  A lot of my traveling now is for research, and it seems that almost everything I see or do, day in and day out, has some influence on my books.

Danny: Did you have difficulties in the beginning getting your books published? What did you do when you saw your first book in print for the first time in bookstores?  Did you have a party? Or drink a bottle of Dom Perignon?

Lauren: I did sell the very first novel I wrote...but I have a folder stuffed with the forty-four rejections I got before I managed to find an agent.  So I wouldn't say it was easy!  Seeing my book on store shelves for the first time was the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me.  My parents threw a party for me with tons of guests and a cake with a picture of my book cover on top.  No Dom Perignon, since I don't actually like champagne--I'd much rather drink port or sweet German wine.  And I still get excited every time I first see each of my manuscripts as a real, printed book!

Danny: How long did it take you to write the book? And how did you got the idea for it?

Lauren: It took me a couple of years to finish my first book, because I rewrote it twenty-three times before I was happy with it.  Thankfully, I've learned to write with fewer drafts now!  As for where I got the idea, I'd always heard you should "write what you know."  What I knew was Restoration era history--I'd been collecting books on the subject since I was a teenager--and the jewelry business.  So I set my first book in that time period and made my heroine a jeweler.

Danny: What inspired you to use the Restoration era as the setting for your books? It’s not a typical time period for a romance book.

Lauren: I've been fascinated by the Restoration era since I read Forever Amber at the age of fourteen.  So it was just natural to start by using that saved me a lot of research!

Danny: How do you do your research for your books and where do you get all the ideas for the plots from? How much time do you spend on research before you start a new book?  Is it a continual process until the book is finished?

Lauren: Ideas come from all over the place--sometimes the characters come to me first, and sometimes it's a plot or situation.  I do some research before writing, but just enough so that I have what I need to begin.  Then I start writing the book and look up necessary details as I go along.  I have a very extensive personal library...I have no self-control when it comes to buying research books!  If I'm missing information that it's not critical to know while writing the first draft, I skip over it and put a note to myself to look it up when revising.  I like to keep moving along as quickly as possible until the basic story is all down on paper.

Danny: Can you describe one of your typical work days for us?  How many hours a day do you average writing?

Lauren: I wish I could say I had a typical work day!  I have to fit my writing in between driving the kids to school, sports, and orthodontist appointments, plus all of the other assorted jobs involved in running a household.  I am a very slow writer.  I usually spend four or five hours a day writing a first draft...after that much time, I seem to come to a point where my creativity is drained.  During the revision process, I can write eight or ten hours a day, or even more.  It depends on how close I am to my deadline!

Danny: How do you handle family and your writing career?  Is your family understanding to the time that you have to give your career? Is it sometimes difficult for you?

Lauren: My family is very understanding, but yes, sometimes it's difficult.  There are days when I can't find any time to write at all, and there are other days when I have to stay home and write while my family goes out and does something fun without me.  But every job has its drawbacks, and I think the plusses of a writing career far outweigh the minuses.

Danny: When one of your books gets a bad review, how do you handle that?  Are you disappointed or do you try to improve yourself in your next book?

Lauren: While I'd love for everyone to adore all of my books, I know that's not possible.  Reviews are very subjective, so I keep that in mind and try not to let them affect me.  As for trying to improve myself with each book, I do that regardless of what anyone said about the previous one.  I am a perfectionist, and I always want to do my best!

Danny: When you finish a book, is this chapter close for you or do the heroes and heroines stay with you in your mind?

Lauren: They are with me always!  I think this is why I love to write connected is very hard for me to let go of my characters.
Danny: What is your favorite book from the book that you have written so far? Who are your favorite hero and heroine and why?

Lauren: I really don't have favorites.  My books and characters are like my children: They all come from me, and I love them all for different reasons.

Danny: Do your heroes/heroines have living models, like friends, family or a romance book cover model?

Lauren: Not really.  I sometimes take traits from real people and combine them in different ways, but none of my heroes or heroines are modeled on any one specific person.

Danny: What are your favourite authors/books?

Lauren: I couldn't even begin to name all my favorite romance books--there are way too many!  So I'll just say my favorite romance ever is A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux.  My favorite non-romance books are This Perfect Day by Ira Levin, The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet, Time Enough for Love by Robert A. Heinlein, and Anthem by Ayn Rand.

Danny: Could you tell us a bit about your latest release?

Lauren: Lost in Temptation, which will arrive in bookstores this July, begins a new trilogy featuring Griffin Chase, the new marquess of Cainewood, a man desperate to find husbands for his three sisters.  In this first story, oldest sister Alexandra Chase, ever the perfect lady, has always done what was expected of her.  But when she learns that Lord Tristan Nesbitt--the man she's loved since she was fifteen--has returned from abroad, she suddenly has every intention of shirking duty by not marrying the man her brother has picked for her.  And she's certain her wild impulse is right, until Tristan promptly informs her he'll never take her for his wife...

Some of the names here might seem familiar to readers of my earlier books, because, although this new trilogy is set in Regency times, the people in it are descendants of my Restoration-era heroes and heroines.  See, I told you can't let go of my characters!

Danny: What are your future plans? Are you going to continue to write the types of books you write presently or possibly change genre?  If so, what would you cross over to?

Lauren: I have no plans to stop writing historical romance!

Danny: Are you already working on a new story? What will it be about?

Lauren: I'm working on
Tempting Juliana, the middle sister's story.  Juliana is a meddler, and I'm really having fun with her book!  It's currently scheduled for a June 2006 release.

Danny: Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

Lauren: Thank you for the opportunity!  I'd love to invite interested readers to visit my website at, where they'll find pictures of the real people and places in my books, lots of delicious historical recipes, and a monthly contest.  The prize is a cameo just like the one Alexandra is wearing on the cover of
Lost in Temptation!

© Danny & Lauren Royal

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